DRAGON TALES- Art and Literacy in the Middle Ages

Dates:July 14-18, 2014
Meets:9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 5 sessions
Instructor:Jane Lattimore
Fee: $330.00

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.


Explore creative approaches to writing, calligraphy, making visual images, and 3D structures.Learn how to "read" a work of visual art. Work with classmates to discuss and write about works of art. Experiment with form and content as we write poetry, collaborate on narratives, design illuminated letters, develop medieval characters based on works in the KNIGHTS! exhibition, and build dragons. Visiting artist, C. J. Kennedy, guides us in the art of medieval calligraphy and illumination. All of the experiences focus on development of literacy through a study of visual art and the creation of artwork, poetry, and prose. Educators of all disciplines and grade levels are welcome. No prior experience in art or writing is required. All students taking the course for college credit must complete a curriculum assignment due after the last class.

Above: Large Basin with High-Relief Design of Five Dragons, Nephrite, 20th century, gift of John and Maria Dirlam, 2006.610

If you plan on matriculating into a graduate program at Fitchburg State University, please be aware that twelve semester hours of Fitchburg State University credit taken within a year prior to the student's admission may be applied to the degree program with the approval of the program chairperson. Anything over 12 credits prior to matriculation will NOT be accepted towards the degree.


This course will address the dispositions of the Conceptual Framework in the following way(s):

As a result of the learning experiences in the course, you will become: more cognizant of the common ground shared by visual and verbal literacy, and how this unterdisciplinary approach to teaching invites creativity and investigation in order to foster the growth of literacy.

As a result of the learning experiences in the course, you will become better able to foster development of observation skills, critical analysis skills, and comprehension.

As a result of the learning experiences in the course, you will become more competent in your ability to engage students in creative activity that promotes synthesis of literacy skills.

As a result of the learning experiences in the course, you will become more competent in your ability to promote appropriate questioning and investigation of form and content, and to provide multi-sensory experience in development of literacy skills.

The course utilizes the Museum's collection of medieval art as a means of promoting careful observation and critical analysis. Close examination of the artwork equips teachers to guide their students in an investigative approach to learning. Hands-on art projects and creative language arts projects relating to selected works in the Museum provide a creative and engaging mode of learning how to observe, question, analyze, comprehend, and express. The hands-on projects teachers execute are done in a manner that promotes synthesis of understanding. This approach to teaching invites students to question, problem solve, examine from many points of view, and to have a multi-sensory experience in learning.