Art History: Myths, Angels, Demons & Heroes15FAHST32509/17/1510/22/15Thursday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, 6 Sessions14
Designer Steel: Form, Function and Fashion in the Age of Armor15FAHST36210/09/1510/09/15Friday from Noon to 1:30 PM, 1 Session50
Leonardo da Vinci: His Life, His Work, His Times15FAHST30009/30/1510/28/15Wednesday from Noon to 1:30 PM, 5 Sessions24
Pre-Columbian Art: The Worcester Connection15FAHST34111/15/1511/15/15Sunday from Noon to 1:30 PM, 1 Session40
Raphael's Collaborations: A Symposium at the Worcester Art Museum16SPL912A09/12/1509/12/15Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, 1 Session50
WAM Acquisition - Mickalene Thomas Collage15FAHST32809/17/1509/17/15Thursday from Noon to 1:00 PM, 1 Session49
WAM's Big Works15FAHST30511/04/1511/18/15Wednesday from Noon to 1:30 PM, 3 Sessions32